Long Read Sequencing @FGCZ

In our Sequencing core we run PacBio and Oxford Nanopore workflows.
We offer full package services including project discussion, DNA/RNA Quality Control, Library Preparation, Sequencing and data QC. Downstream Data Analysis is provided upon request.
Experienced users can also bring their ready made libraries and pay only for the Sequencing part. The protocols we do not offer in service mode could be done in user lab mode. We do not offer services for RNA/DNA extraction.

Access and turn around times:

Would you like to discuss your project, please write to sequencing at fgcz.ethz.ch.
In order to access the FGCZ sequencing services, please register and send a project request via B-Fabric.
Upon project approval, you will be able to submit an order and enter you samples into the system.
To submit samples for PacBio/Oxford Nanopore Sequencing, you must create an order within your existing project.
How to create an order in b-fabric
How to replace samples.pdf
Our turn around times are from 4 to 6 weeks, upon sample submission.

Long Read Sequencing instruments

Pacbio Sequel IIe ONT P2 Solo ONT GridION X5
Image Image Image
Inhouse Inhouse Inhouse
Cell Type8M SMRT Cell PromethION R9.4/10.4 Flongle R9.4/10.4 MinION R9.4/10.4
av. pol read length 15+ Kb 10-30 Kb 10-30 Kb 10-30 Kb
expected output 70- 90+ Gb 30-90 Gb up to 1 Gb 4-15 Gb
output HiFi mode 20+ Gb - - -
av. read length* 20+ Kb 1-10Kb 1-10 Kb 1-10 Kb
number of reads 4-6 M 40-70 M 0.1-0.5 M 1-10 M
number of HiFi reads 1.5-2.5 M - - -

The PacBio av. Read length and output refers to the Polymerase read length.
The PacBio Polymerase read length may vary depending on sample quality and sequencing movie time.
The ONT av. Read length reflects the size of the DNA/RNA library.

Supported Applications

Service mode:
Genome de novo Sequencing, with HiFi
Genome re-Sequencing.
Microbial Genomes Sequencing via multiplexing.
Structural Variant Detection.
Amplicon/16S rRNA gene Sequencing (you provide us with the PCR amplified product).
Isoform Sequencing (PacBio protocols).
DNA base Modification Analysis.
User Lab Mode:
cDNA Sequencing (Oxford Nanopore only).
Direct RNA Sequencing (Oxford Nanopore only).
RNA methylation profiling via direct RNA Sequencing (Oxford Nanopore protocols).
Targeted re-Sequencing (via Probe Capture or CAS9 non amplification protocols).
Anything you would like to run which is not offered as service.

Long Read Sequencing Services and Pricing

PacBio Prices
Oxford Nanopore Prices

Sample input requirements, DNA extraction protocols:

The FGCZ does not perform gDNA/RNA extractions. Users should provide us with already purified samples.
PacBio Sequencing @FGCZ
ONT Sequencing @FGCZ

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