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Amino acid analysis

General description

Amino acid analysis refers to the methodology used to determine the amino acid composition or content of proteins, peptides and other pharmaceutical preparations.

Overview of the Amino Acid Analysis Workflow


List of applications and services

FGCZ offers the following types of analyses for the Amino Acid Analysis

Applications (examples) Which service to order
Absolute quantification of purified proteins or peptides Composition / quantification
Characterization of protein amino acid composition Composition / quantification
Profiling of free amino acids in body fluids (urine, plasma, serum, …) Free amino acids (*)
Profiling of free amino acids in cell culture media or intracellular Free amino acids (*)
Quantification of unnatural amino acids Unnatural amino acids
Quantification amino acids enantiomer (D/L form) Confirmation of D-amino acids

(*): depending on the project, the profiling of free amino acids will be performed via other MS-based methods. For more details, check the list of metabolomics services or contact proteomics@fgcz.ethz.ch / metabolomics@fgcz.ethz.ch.

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