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Protein Identification

[+] Which type of samples can I send for protein identification analysis?

[+] How much material is needed for protein identification experiments?

[+] What will FGCZ provide as results of a protein identification experiment?

Post-translational modifications

[+] Do you offer large-scale phosphopeptides identification and quantification?

[+] Can you identify all the post-translational modifications (PTMs) on my protein? How much material is required for the analysis?

[+] Can you identify the N- and/or C-Terminal protein sequence(s)?

Protein Quantification

[+] Which type of protein quantification do you offer?

[+] How do you perform large scale proteome quantifications?

[+] How do you perform targeted proteome quantifications?

[+] Why do you always request a preliminary QC test, prior to any quantification experiment?

[+] How many replicates do you request for a relative quantification experiment?

[+] Can you analyse 100s of samples?

[+] How should we prepare the samples for a label-free quantification analysis (LFQ)?

[+] Do you accept tissue samples?

[+] Do you accept formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples?

[+] Which is your protocol for protein digestion?

[+] Do you offer single-cell proteomics?

Data analysis

[+] Which software do you use for the analysis of DDA or DIA experiments?

[+] How do you perform the statistical analyses for your protein quantification experiments?

[+] How can I change some settings in Scaffold or PEAKS software?

[+] What can I do if I cant open the Scaffold file?

[+] Could you suggest some software for follow-up analysis of proteomics dataset?

[+] Could you suggest software that may help me studying my protein (e.g., visualization, computation, modifications, ...)?

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