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Course List, FGCZAugust 2018

Genomics & Transcriptomics

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Protein Analysis and Proteomics

Application/workflow Version
Proteomics User Lab22.Aug.2018
Protein Identification and analysis of post-translational modifications22.Aug.2018
Label-free protein quantification22.Aug.2018
Targeted protein quantification22.Aug.2018
Analysis of glycans and glycoproteins22.Aug.2018
N-Terminal analysis22.Aug.2018
Amino acid analysis22.Aug.2018
Mass analysis of intact proteins, Protein-metal complexes and other ogranic compounds22.Aug.2018


Application/workflow Version
Metabolomics User Lab22.Aug.2018
GC-MS based metabolite and lipid profiling22.Aug.2018
Targeted metabolite or lipid quantification22.Aug.2018
LC-MS based metabolite and lipid profiling22.Aug.2018

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