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How to order Proteomics Services


Generating an order for Proteomics / Protein analysis services is easy, just follow these steps:


Please communicate with us using the Comment function in B-Fabric!
B-Fabric registration

Step-by-Step instructions

New customers? Do you need to refresh your memory?
Follow our Step-by-Step instructions on how to submit an order

Not sure what to select?

Check our page Which service should I request? if you do not know which is the right service for you.

What NOT to do

  • do not select a random service type if you do not know how to proceed
  • do not bring samples without submitting the order
  • do not forget the signed order confirmation form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Check here the prices for the most common proteomics services.

FAQs Order Process

Browse through the FAQs Order form to find answers to commonly raised questions related to the order process.


Not finding what you are looking for? Contact us at proteomics at fgcz.ethz.ch

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