1. Ready-made libraries on the Novaseq

Every Monday, we have 4 guaranteed lanes on the Novaseq SP flowcell. First come, first served. For other flowcell types, your coach will schedule the run for you based on our sequencing queue. Order here
Please make sure that you provide the correct barcodes/index together with your order. Depending on how much time we spend on troubleshooting, we reserve the right to charge extra support hours.


Order here

We can't guarantee read numbers with Ready-made library sequencing because this depends on your library. We will sequence it with our best effort (we will do a qPCR,tapestation QC and load according to our SOP) and experience.

Please read here our Input Requirements
Still have some questions? Please email sequencing at fgcz.ethz.ch

2. Walk-in Mode

For expert users only. We will provide you full training on how to use a medium througput sequencer of your choice. *Book the instrument through B-Fabric! Instruments are available both at our Irchel Site and Honggerberg Site (GEML).

Sequencers Ilumina NextSeq 2000 llumina NextSeq 500 Ilumina MiSeq
Image Image Image
Flowcell P2,P3 High Output, Mid output High Output, Mid output
Key Features Patterned Flowcell Non-Patterned Flowcell Non-Patterned Flowcell
Reads (SE) per FC P3 1.1B HO 350 Million 25 Million
P2 400M MO120 Million
Max Read Length 2X150 bp 2X150 bp 2X300 bp
Approx Price per Gb 46.5 chf 196.8 chf
Key Applications Single cell SequencingATAC Seq, ChIP Small WGS, Amplicons
Single Cell small RNA small RNA
Location GEML Honggerberg Irchel Campus Irchel Campus
Irchel Campus GEML Honggerberg
Bring your own kit Bring your own kit Bring your own kit

*Limited to FGCZ trained users with a B-Fabric project. Only users cleared for walk-access can book by themselves in B-Fabric.

Still have some questions? Please email sequencing at fgcz.ethz.ch

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