FGCZ Genomics Platforms

The FGCZ Sequencing Platform is a joint genomics core facility of the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. Our mission is provide expert know-how and access to the latest state of the art equipment
to allow researchers from both universities to solve research questions using NGS.

We are located both at the University of Zurich Irchel Campus and the ETHZ Honggerberg Campus.

Short Read Sequencing Platform

1. Illumina Sequencing Full Service

Project planning to data analysis. We start by discussing your project. You provide the biological know-how and we bring the NGS expertise. Based on our discussion, we will perform the
library preparation, sequencing and basic data analysis.

2. Illumina Sequencing Only & Walk-in

For expert level users. You can provide us with Ready made libraries for sequencing loading into our production scale sequencers or you can access our medium scale sequencers via Walk-in mode.

3. Single Cell Sequencing

We offer technologies that examine the sequence information from individual cells

4. User Lab Access

You can run custom protocols that we do not offer as service in user lab mode.

Single Molecule/Long Read Technologies Platform

1. Long Read Sequencing

We offer full package services including project discussion, DNA/RNA quality Control, Library Preparation, Sequencing and data QC. Downstream Data Analysis is provided upon request.
Experienced users can also bring their ready made libraries and pay only for the Sequencing part. The protocols we do not offer in service mode could be done in user lab mode.

2. Optical Mapping User Lab

We offer access to the Bionano Saphyr workflow in user lab mode

3. User Lab Access

You can run non-standard protocols that we do not offer as service in user lab mode.

Bioinformatics Platform

Whether you have an established or a customised implementation of advanced models and algorithms, we run them all

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