Oxford Nanopore Sequencing @ FGCZ

We currently have a GridION X5 machine in house. A P2 Solo device will be available starting from Q4 2022.

Would you like to discuss your project, please write to sequencing at fgcz.ethz.ch.
In order to access the FGCZ sequencing services, please register and send a project request via B-Fabric.
Upon project approval, you will be enabled to submit an order and enter you samples into the system.
To submit samples for PacBio/Oxford Nanopore Sequencing, you must create an order within your existing project.
How to create an order in b-fabric

Our turn around times are from 4 to 6 weeks, upon sample submission.
Users that require very fast processing times are welcome to prepare the libraries and bring them to the FGCZ for sequencing.
The GridIONX5 is also accessible in walk in mode, for trained users.

Protocols and support modes

Protocols available as full service: sample QC, library prep, sequencing, raw data delivery and data analysis (optional).
- DNA Sequencing by ligation, with or without native barcoding

Protocols supported in user lab mode: bring your kits and you do the library yourself, under our supervision
- rapid DNA sequencing
- 16s metagenomics
- direct cDNA or PCR-cDNA Sequencing
- direct mRNA Sequencing
- any other protocol you would like to try

Services and Prices

Instruments & Specs

Flongle GridION X5 P2 Solo (from Q3 2022)
Flow Cell TypeFlongleMinION R9.4PromethION R9.4
av. read length10-30 Kb 10-30 Kb 10-30 Kb
expected outputup to 1Gb4-15 Gb30-90 Gb
cDNA/ amplicons
av. read length1-10 Kb1-10 Kb1-10 Kb
number of reads0.2-0.5M1-10 M40-70M
direct RNA
av. read lengthN/A1-2kb1-2kb
number of readsN/Aup to 1Mup to 3M

The av. Read Length depends on the size of the DNA library

DNA Ligation kit= at least 2ug of gDNA for each flow cell to be sequenced
cDNA PCR kit= 50-100ng of total RNA per flow cell to be sequenced
direct cDNA kit= at least 100ng of polyA RNA per flow cell to be sequenced

Important measures impacting DNA quality

To maximise read length and quality, it is essential that your DNA sample:
- is double-stranded; single-stranded DNA is not compatible with the library preparation process.
- has not undergone multiple freeze-thaw cycles as they can lead to DNA damage.
- has not been exposed to high temperatures (e.g.: > 65oC for 1 hour can cause a detectable decrease in sequence
quality), pH extremes (< 6 or > 9).
- has an OD260/OD280 ratio of 1.8 to 2.0.
- does not contain insoluble material.
- does not contain RNA contamination.

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