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Ready-made Libraries

1. Minimum order is 1 physically separated lane. (1 lane of the Novaseq X, Novaseq for SP, S1, S2 and half an S4 flowcell or 1 Miseq run).
2. Pool samples together that will be sequenced on the same lane. Make sure that the barcodes/indexes are compatible.
3. Dilute your samples to 10nM or an agreed upon concentration with 0.1% Tween.. We still need to QC and dilute your pooled libraries properly. We have to start with 10nM for the best results.

Novaseq: At the end will need a minimum 2nM of your pooled libraries and use the following volumes:

SP/S1 105ul, XP workflow 25ul
S2 160ul, XP workflow 30ul
S4 320ul

4. Please fill up the form as best as possible. You can find the detailed instructions here:

How to submit Ready-made Libraries.pdf

Please read before submitting Ready-made libraries for the Novaseq:
1. Unique dual indices and dual indices are preferred.
2. If you are submitting ready made libraries, please take a look at our guidelines about indexing here:
Which barcode sequences should I write?
3. We don't mix ready made libraries from different orders. The minimum order we accept is 1 SP Flowcell lane on the Novaseq (about 400M reads).
4. The Novaseq doesn't do well with very long or very short libraries. Your libraries should have fragment sizes between 420 bp and 650 bp including adapters.

Disclaimer (Please read!!!)
We will sequence your libraries according to our SOP and using our best effort. We can't guarantee read counts as this is dependent on the quality of your libraries/library type.
We have no way of knowing what your libraries are, how diverse the sequences are, how they have been prepared or if they will sequence well.
We will do all the QCs possible ( combination of qPCR/Tapestation/Qubit ) to understand how your samples will behave during sequencing. Based on the results of our QCs, we will load according to the manufacturer's recommendendations or your special instructions (written as an order comment in B-Fabric only). We will inform you if your libraries do not pass our QC for Ready-made libraries. All instructions should be written in the remarks field when you submit the order in B-Fabric. If we don't get the expected number of reads despite our best efforts, we will NOT repeat the run.


Instructions can be found here

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