SOLiD Samples Submission

Please fill the SOLiD 5500 Samples Submission Form and send it before submitting any samples.

If you need help with filling the form please read the instructions how to fill in the form.

Samples Requirements

Library type
Optimal amount
1-5 µg
upto 100 µl
10 ng - 1 µg
10-50 µl
5-20 µg
upto 100 µl
Targeted Enrichment
3-6 µg
upto 100 µl
Whole transcriptome
- total RNA
5-10 µg
upto 10 µl
- rRNA-depleated RNA or
- poly(A)RNA
200-500 ng
upto 10 µl
Small RNA
5-10 µg
of total RNA
upto 50 µl
2-5 µg
of total RNA
10-50 µl

  • DNA quantitation must be done by fluorometry (e.g. PicoGreen-based).
  • Purified samples with an A260/A280 of ~1.8 can be provided in water or Qiagen EB buffer.
  • Please provide an image of a gel for each sample with clearly indicated sample identity and ladder bands size or Bioanalyzer electropherogram.

IMPORTANT: The reference sequence must be e-mailed to FGCZ. For data QC expected primer sequences must be also sent to FGCZ.

Submitted samples will be stored for four weeks after data delivery. During this time the material unused for analysis can be taken back. After this period, any biological material will be discarded without further notification.

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