Sample Submission Guidelines

STEP 1 : Project Registration.

Please register for a project in B-Fabric. All services in NGS require a project submission via B-​Fabric, our project management system.

STEP 2 : Assigning a Project Coach

You will be assigned a project coach who will be your main FGCZ contact. Your project coach will invite you for a meeting to discuss your project in-depth together with one of our bioinformaticians.
This step is where you will settle on the best experimental design, library prep approach, sequencer and data analysis method for your research question. Your coach will review the project and forward it for approval.

STEP 3 Create an order and sample registration

Once your project is approved, you may create an order and register the samples.
Instructions to fill out the form is here
How to submit samples for Illumina/Short Read Sequencing.pdf
How to submit samples for Long Read Sequencing.pdf

STEP 4 : Offer Generation and Order Acceptance

Will will check the order and then make an offer. This step is where the FGCZ will commit to the deliverables and allow the you to check for the total cost of the experiment.

STEP 5 : Sample drop-off

If you agree to the terms in Step 4, you may bring your samples.
Do not bring or send samples which are not properly labeled with B-Fabric IDs.
You can either bring the samples by hand or send them via post/courier.
Our address: Genomics Sample Delivery, Functional Genomics Center Zurich, Sequencing Platform, Y59, Winterthurerstr. 190, 8057 Zurich SWITZERLAND
Please specify the name of your coach.

STEP 6 : Sample Tracking

You will receive an automated email (gfeeder) every time we reach a milestone in the sample preparation (Illumina Sequencing ONLY).

STEP 7: Data Delivery

Your data will be delivered via b-fabric.

STEP 8: Data Analysis

If you opted for bioinformatics analysis, our bioinformaticians will contact you about data analysis.

STEP 9: Invoicing

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