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Typhoon 9400 Variable Mode Imager

1-D and 2-D gels are scanned using a Typhoon 9400 scanner for fluorescent dyes only. The Typhoon 9400 imager provides multicolor scanning and enables the visualization of up to three differently labeled (blue, green and red lasers) samples on the same gel.

TUTORIAL for ImageQuant

A tutorial is available. The tutorial booklet is in the black User's Documantation box in the bottom drawer under the Ettan IPGphor. The practice file is located in the TUTORIAL folder on the data partition of the Typhoon PC.

Typhoon 9400

Typhoon Scanner contacts: stefan.schauer at fgcz.ethz.ch or peter.gehrig at fgcz.ethz.ch

FGCZ Status: New Typhoon 9400 received, installed and operational on/since 26th June 2009.
The old instrument was in service from 10th August 2003 until 26th June 2009.

exclaim PMTs can be set as low as 350 Volts. Start at 480V for SYPRO gels. Start at 450V for RuBP Lamanda stained gels.
The FGCZ image format standard is .GEL for analysis (e.g., Proteomeweaver).
exclaim If you want to save a scan as a *.tif file, make a copy of the .GEL file, and then change the extension of the copied file in the windows directory from .GEL to .TIF. Do not use ImageQuant to save the file as a TIF, because you will lose a lot of intensity information as the file is converted from 16-bit to 8-bit intensity coding.
exclaim Proteomweaver versions 3.x and higher recognize square root encoded *.GEL files. No extension name chages are necessary for analysis.

How do I convert a .gel file to a .Tiff file ?
See above. Do not convert within ImageQuant.

How do I scan a 96-well MTP?
Easy. To look for your SYPRO Ruby gel plugs in a MTP, set the resolution to 500microns, +3mm focal plane. Use 600V (!) gain on the PMT. Or load the 96well_MTP template.

My RuBP/SYPRO gel is heavily stained. How low can I set the PMT?
According to Philippe Leonard (25.08.2005), one can set the PMT as low as 350v! Hopefully, you will not have to go lower than 400v...

You can view which users have the Typhoon reserved. View the schedule here. Click on '2DE Workflow', then click on 'Typhoon Scanner'.
Would you like to reserve a time for working on the Typhoon? Call Stefan Schauer or Peter Gehrig.

The scanner plate should be kept clean. The glass should be cleaned with ethanol and water and wiped with Kimwipes.
If the scanner smells of acetic acid, it is not sufficiently clean!

Owner: stefan.schauer at fgcz.ethz.ch

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