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FGCZ Genomics User Lab

Our user lab is dedicated to UZH/ETH users who would like to run protocols that we do not offer in service mode.
It is also possible to perform DNA extractions and check the Quality of the samples to be submitted for Sequencing Services.
We give access to benches equipped with pipettes and all the devices needed for NGS library preparation.

We offer access to:

1) NGS library prep station (for protocols not offered in service mode)
2) Covaris Sonicators
3) Maxwell automated RNA/DNA extraction device
4) Sample QC check on a Agilent Tape Station / Fragment Analyzer device
5) 10X Chromium for Single Cell Applications
6) Illumina Nextseq 2000, Illumina Nextseq 500, Illumina Miseq walk in access

User Lab Instruments Agilent Tapestation 2200 Fragment Analyzer Bioanalyzer Covaris Sonicator Maxwell10X Chromium
Image Image Image Image Image Image
Access Mode UserLab Bring-your-kit UserLab Bring-your-kit UserLab Bring-your-kit UserLab Bring-your-tubes UserLab Bring-your-kitUserLab Bring-your-kit
UserLab pay for consumables UserLab pay for consumables Mobile Rental
Access Fee Instrument 55 chf per half day 55 chf per half day 55 chf per half day 55 chf per half day 55 chf per half dayAccess fee for 10 runs
Key Applications High througput RNA (standard, low input) High througput RNA(standard, low input)Low throughput RNA, DNA, cDNA DNA Shearing, DNA Extraction High Throughput RNA, DNA Extraction Single Cell Applications
Location Irchel Campus, GEML Honggerberg Irchel Campus, GEML Honggerberg Irchel Campus Irchel Campus, GEML Honggerberg Irchel CampusIrchel Campus, GEML Honggerberg
BSL1 only BSL3 Possible in Irchel

Sequencers Ilumina NextSeq 2000 llumina NextSeq 500 Ilumina MiSeq
Image Image Image
Flowcell P2,P3 High Output, Mid output High Output, Mid output
Key Features Patterned Flowcell Non-Patterned Flowcell Non-Patterned Flowcell
Reads (SE) per FC P3 1.1B HO 350 Million 25 Million
P2 400M MO120 Million
Max Read Length 2X150 bp 2X150 bp 2X300 bp
Approx Price per Gb 46.5 chf 196.8 chf
Key Applications Single cell SequencingATAC Seq, ChIP Small WGS, Amplicons
Single Cell small RNA small RNA
Location GEML Honggerberg Irchel Campus Irchel Campus
Irchel Campus GEML Honggerberg
Bring your own kit Bring your own kit Bring your own kit

Fees (UZH/ETH users):

Devices (Agilent, Covaris, Maxwell..): We charge an access fee of 40 CHF + used consumables.
NGS User Bench: 80 CHF per day (includes basic supervision and access to devices) + used consumables

Would you like to book a bench and/or a device in our user lab?

1) To access the FGCZ Genomics user lab please register and send a project request via B-Fabric Sample submission guidelines

2) Check the availability on our Instrument Reservation System and ask the FGCZ team (sequencing@FGCZ.ethz.ch) to place a reservation. Please email sequencing at FGCZ.ethz.ch for details. ~~

If you never used a device before, please specify you need assistance.

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