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Info Sheet: ChIP-seq


  1. QC: DNA quantification using Qubit
  2. Library construction using the NEBNext Ultra DNA Library Prep Kit
  3. Library QC
  4. Sequencing
  5. Bioinformatics data analysis (optional)
expected turnaround time: 6 weeks after passing QC

Input requirements

  • at least 10 ng DNA
  • at least 10 ul sample volume
  • concentration must be 10 ng / ul - 100 ng /ul
1.5 ml tubes labeled with B-Fabric Tube ID, normalized to the same concentration

Experimental design

matching input control

Sequencing options

Read types (other configurations on request):
NovaSeq 6000100 bp single-end reads

10 Mio reads / sample for transcription factors
50 Mio reads / sample for chromatin modifications

Costs for UZH und ETH research groups

Library prep128 CHF / sample
200M reads 760 CHF
Bioinformatics package880 CHF


Instructions can be found here

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