illumina MiSeq Personal Sequencer


FGCZ MiSeq Sequencing

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Small Genome Sequencing
Exome sequencing
Targeted resequencing
ChIP seq
Amplicon Sequencing
miRNA profiling

Sequencing Throughput Specifications:

Read Length (bp)
Number and Type of Reads
1 x 36 (for smRNA seq) 15-17 M Single reads 540-610 Mb
2 x 25 20-25 M Paired-End reads 750-850 Mb
2 x 100 20-25 M Paired-End reads 3.0-3.4 Gb
2 x 150 20-25 M Paired-End reads 4.5-5.1 Gb
2 x 250 20-25 M Paired-End reads 7.5-8.5 Gb
2 x 300 20-25 M Paired-End reads 13-15 Gb

Library Preparation

One can use the following standard protocols:
  1. Illumina Library kits
  2. Nextera Kits
  3. Nextera XT for dual indexing

When do you opt for MiSeq

  • To acheive speed (Maximum run time is 40hrs)
  • When longer read lengths are required (2 x 300bp)
  • When the throughput required is lower than 10Gb
  • Want to sequence several plasmids in one go with 96 Barcodes (Using Nextera XT dual indexing)