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FGCZ NextSeq 500 Sequencing


Contact for planning your experiment.
Whole Genome sequencing
Exome sequencing
Targeted re-sequencing
Transcriptome Sequencing

Sequencing Throughput Specifications:
Read Length (bp) Number and Type of Reads Throughput
1 x 75 Up to 300 M Up to 20GB
2 x 75 Up to 600 M Paired-End reads Up to 45GB
2 x 150 Up to 600 M Paired-End reads Up to 90GB

Library Preparation
One can use the following standard protocols:
1. Illumina Library kits
2. Nextera Kits
3. Nextera XT for dual indexing

When do you opt for Nextseq 500
• To achieve speed (Maximum run time is 29 hrs)
• To sequence GC rich samples