FGCZ Oxford Nanopore Services and Prices

Prices valid from July 2021.
Important: our prices have changed recently and the list below is obsolete. It will be updated as soon as possible. Please directly contact us for cost estimations.


ETHZ/UZH (SNF or other funds) External Academic
Library Preparation
DNA library prep (ligation kit) 367 CHF 446 CHF
Multiplex DNA library prep (first 2 samples barcoded & pooled) 624 CHF 778 CHF
Multiplex DNA additional sample (per sample over 2) 137 CHF 178 CHF
GridION/MinION Flow cell 902.12 CHF 1032.12 CHF
Flongle Flow cell 163 CHF 293 CHF
PromethION Flow cell (from Q3 2022) N/AN/A
Data Analysis
Demultiplexing of barcodes added via ligation at FGCZ included included
Demultiplexing of barcodes added via PCR by user TBD TBD
Assembly and/or custom work (charged per hour) 110 CHF 165 CHF

This price table is just meant to help our users with experiment cost estimations. For an official quotation please inquire at sequencing@fgcz.ethz.ch
We do not offer ONT services to industry customers.

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