SOLiD 5500xl


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Using FGCZ NGSequencing Services

SOLiD Samples Submission form and detailed sample requirements.
Before submitting a sample, be aware of the following SOLiD recommendations regarding samples preparation and quality.

Quantitate the samples by fluorometry using the Quant-iT DNA assay kit (Invitrogen), following the manufacturer's instructions.
Although various quantitation methods are possible, fluorometry has been found to be highly reproducible and to provide consistent emPCR and sequencing results.

The SOLiD 5500xl technology supports
  • Fragment Sequencing (from 35bp to 75bp) also with Barcodes (currently 96 available)
  • Paired End (50-75)/35 bp, (96 barcodes available)
  • Mate-Paired 2 x 60 bp
  • Whole Transcriptome Analysis (96 barcodes available)
  • Small RNA Expression (96 barcodes available)
  • SAGE - genome-wide expression

Sequencing Throughput

The SOLiD 5500xl can process 2 flow chips in parallel . Each flow chip is made of 6 lanes, that can be run independently.
The table below lists the approximate maximum sequencing throughput, before mapping, using the SOLiD micro beads ( nanobeads not yet available at FGCZ ).

number of Lanes max. number of reads (M) typical number of reads (M) typical number of reads with barcode (M) typical throughput (Gb)
75+35 sequencing
1 lane 150 120 100 110
6 lanes
(1 flowchip)
900 720 600 660


SOLiD 5500 fragment library protocol
SOLiD 5500 mate pair library protocol
SOLiD RNA Seq protocol (WT and miRNA)
SOLiD SAGE library protocol