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Submitting an order

[+] How can I submit an order?

[+] How can I know which service I should select?

[+] Should I submit a B-Fabric project to be able to access the FGCZ proteomics services?

[+] Where should I send my samples?

[+] What are the Service Area and the Service Type?

[+] Who is the budget officer?

[+] I don't know my PSP-Element or Cost Center

[+] What is a "Grouping Var"?

[+] My organism is not listed among the species in your list

[+] How can I share the results with my colleagues/supervisor?

[+] I am expressing a mammalian protein in e.coli. Which species should I select?

Prices and offers

[+] Do you have a list of services and the corresponding price list?

[+] Can I have an official offer for the requested services?

[+] Do you offer discounts for large sets of samples?

Terms and conditions, User lab, Publication and Acknowledgment Policy

[+] Does FGCZ have Terms and Conditions?

[+] How can we acknowledge the work of the FGCZ?

[+] What are the guidelines for User Lab?

Technical information

[+] Which instruments do you have?

[+] Can I access the raw data?

[+] How can I upload file to repositories (i.e., PRIDE)?

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